May 2011

We have two new free designs in our shop. They will be available to download until the end of June. We also have more new designs online. They include this new springtime tulip design. Our garden is looking so much better today as we have finally had a few days with some rain. I have been walking out on the Naze in the mornings. This is an area which is a national nature reserve. I love the wildlife you see out there. I was trying to take a picture of an Oystercatcher when it flew off,

but I quite like the photo anyway!


We finally had the much needed rain here. Our garden is much happier this evening.

I had an amazing experience this morning on my early morning walk when I came across a large flock of swallows doing aerobatics round and round a clump of trees. They were not bothered by my presence and swooped low around me. I stood for ages just enjoying the show!

We added several new embroidery designs to the website today. One of them is this windsurfing design which would look great on clothing.

There is also a very cute monster and a great sixties style ‘beautiful’ logo to sew on anything for a loved one. Why not check them out in our shop now.

We have still  had no rain on the North Essex coast. Our lawn looks like a desert!! There are lots of black clouds massing as I type so I am hoping they will materialise into a downpour!

I walked out around our Backwaters yesterday, which is a national nature reserve. I took this photo of some very cute goslings swimming with Mum.

We now have four new designs in the shop. They include this great pirate ship which would be perfect for any young pirate in your life!

I have been making a design based on my favourite children’s book, which is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. As an ex- teacher I love children’s books so used this as inspiration.

Our new sister site is finally online! Go check out for great photograpic enhancements, web design, copywriting and more. A blog will follow soon. If you need help from an industry professional with many years experience then photocrazy is the place to go!

Uploading our new embroidery designs has been put on hold while finishing the new site but now it is live I will have the new stuff available very soon.

Thought I’d share this cute photo of our grandson – aka mud magnet!

Did you know that African elephants are extremely dangerous? Unlike their Asian cousins, which are the elephants we see in zoos, they will attack people. We discovered this on safari in Kenya when we suddenly had to pack up our lunch very quietly and get into our jeep as fast as possible as there were elephants just the other side of the bushes we were picnicing by! That was a very scary experience! But I still love elephants and one of our latest embroidery designs is an African elephant. We also have a pirate ship coming up, ideal for adorning makes for the little pirates in your life. We hope to have a Facebook page very soon too, so will be looking for followers!

Isn’t the weather fabulous for Spring? Mind you our gardens on the East coast of England could certainly do with some rain. Our lawn is looking very sad. But on the bright side all the flowers are blooming. Well as long as I keep watering them!!