Oh dear, haven’t posted for 2 weeks, this is not good! I have been working on the website though, I decided I need to add colour sheets to all our designs as for some reason I didn’t do this in the first place. This involves reloading all the designs again as zip files. It is very time consuming as its eight items for each design and you have to scroll down and mark each one off in a list of every design on the site. The list is in RANDOM order, so it takes forever to find what you are looking for!! Why didn’t I do it in the first place?? I don’t remember is the answer.

Our elderly Abyssinian cat, Cajun,
had to go to the vet last week as his arthritis was getting much worse and he had been limping badly. While giving him a check-up the vet discovered his gums on one side looked very unhealthy and infected. So yesterday he went in to the veterinary hospital to have some teeth out and possibly a biopsy. I was very stressed by this as he had cried bitterly all the way to the vets last week. Normally he is a silent cat! The veterinary hospital is much further away. But he was a good boy and much calmer this week.

The very good news is that he didn’t need a biopsy, just some teeth out. He managed to eat his breakfast this morning still. He is on meds for his arthritis and they seem to be working as his limp has gone and he is much happier.