I have been making some new designs on the Christmas theme as crafters will be beginning to make Christmas stuff very soon. They will be appearing on the website shortly. I am also still updating with the colour files – now about half way through adding these.

We had a lovely weekend at our daughter’s new home. She has moved into a cottage built in 1800. It was the lodge for a manor house. This is the house. Her partner is a landscape gardener on the Rothamstead estate so the house comes through his job. Just up the lane alongside their house is the manor house, which looks like this (click photo to get full size) It is used for weddings and other functions.

Rothamstead Manor

It is in a beautiful location and close to Harpenden, a very pleasant town with lots of pubs and restaurants. On Sunday morning we had a lovely walk up to the manor house and round the gardens. I was impressed with how lovely the gardens looked! I think my daughter will be very happy living here.