September 2011

Our daughter has just had a baby – our third grandchild – but it feels as wonderful as the first one did! We have been for a visit and a cuddle. I now have to try and concentrate on working on my website. Hmmmm!

I can’t believe another month has almost vanished. I am busy on some autumn machine embroidery designs this week, plus a random but cute Japanese doll!! These will be appearing on the website shortly, along with new free designs for October.

I went for a walk on the beach on Sunday and suddenly this appeared overhead.

Paraglider flying over Walton-On-The-Naze.

I would never go up in one of those things but I have been up in a hot air balloon and it was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone, and I’m scared of heights!!!


I have had a busy week creating some Autumn designs. The rest of the new Christmas designs are now online, including this cute snowman. He would be a hit on any child’s clothing, hat, or scarf. The autumn designs are being test stitched and will be appearing on the website soon.

It has been  mostly sunny  on the North Essex coast this week. I have been enjoying the sunshine with walks on the Naze, which is covered in blackberry bushes laden at the moment with ripe berries. I have made lots of jars of blackberry jam and have also made blackberry gin for Christmas. This involves putting the berries and a good helping of sugar into a largish kilner jar (about half full) then topping with alcohol. As we got given a bottle of gin I used that but you can use vodka also. You then put it in a dark cupboard for 3 months. You need to shake the jar every few days for the first month, then just leave it. It turns into a delicious liqeur like drink just in time for the festive season!! I’ve also made blackberry crumbles and blackberry charlotte. There are still loads of berries to pick so I dare say I shall be making a few more delights!

Our new free designs for September are now available on the website . This month we have a golden autumn leaf and a classic Christmas pudding for anyone starting to make those seasonal gifts! We have several more Christmas designs going online very soon as sewers get busy now creating for friends and family. We now have colour files attatched to every design on the site. These will be sent as a pdf along with your download.

It’s a beautiful sunny, warm day on the Essex coast today. As it is not likely to stay warm for long I shall make the most of it and go on the beach later. The holiday makers will be disappearing early next week as the children go back to school. Then we go back to being a sleepy backwater!