October 2011

Oh dear, It’s that very busy time of year when things start to snowball and I realise I haven’t been posting as regularly on my blog!

I have been very busy sewing things to sell at a W.I. christmas craft fair which I am having a stall at next month. I have also managed to do some new machine embroidery designs for the website, which should be going on very soon. There are 3 lovely dragonfly designs, inspired by the real dragonflies I saw on one of my Naze walks recently. Then I have also made a very sweet polar bear design and a pretty snowflake.

Last week I had an argument with a local store manager over the phone and needed to go out to calm down! I took my camera off to the beach and spent an hour watching the Turnstones  searching for food among the rocks where the tide had gone out. This is one of the photographs I took. They are very cute little birds that live on our beach in the winter then fly to Canada for the summer. They tend to stay in large groups so there were lots of them among the rocks. They lift the stones with their beaks, hence their name! I felt much more relaxed after spending time just watching them. Nature is  wonderful therapy!


I have put lots more new designs on the embroidery crazy website. http://www.embroiderycrazy.co.uk/shop/ Our free designs for October are a pumpkin and a children’s tractor design. There are lots of autumn leaves, including this design which I have stitched on a bag and it looks great. I have also added a little Japanese doll and any child will love this dinosaur.

Isn’t he cute?

Last weekend I went to Wivenhoe to have lunch with some friends.  I’d never been there before. Its on the river and it was a lovely, very warm day to have lunch in a pub on the waterfront. I took lots of photos of the boats and quaint buildings but I rather liked this one with new townhouses reflected in a large pool built in the square front of them.

You can see from the photo what a beautiful day it was. One of my friends has a cottage by the river there and the view from her lounge makes me very jealous! She can sit and watch the boats a stone’s throw away. She sees lots of waterbirds including curlews and kingfishers. Her grandmother paid £60 for the cottage!!! I’m so jealous.

Yesterday morning I couldn’t sleep so was up really early. I grabbed my camera and decided to watch the sun come up on the beach. Here are a few of the photos I took.

I love the very early light on this one, with the rocks in the sand silhouetted.

This one caught some rays going up through the cloud which I like. The next one is some seagulls which took flight as I walked along.

We have several wartime bunkers buried on the beach when the tide is out. I liked the light around this one.

I took loads of photos, but these few were my favourites!

Sorry if you are waiting for the free machine embroidery files for October, they are on their way but will be a bit late as we have been busy on other projects. This month we will have a pumpkin (for obvious reasons!) and the cute children’s tractor will also be free for a while.

The photography site has a brand new look so don’t forget to check it out! http://www.photocrazy.co.uk/