Yesterday morning I couldn’t sleep so was up really early. I grabbed my camera and decided to watch the sun come up on the beach. Here are a few of the photos I took.

I love the very early light on this one, with the rocks in the sand silhouetted.

This one caught some rays going up through the cloud which I like. The next one is some seagulls which took flight as I walked along.

We have several wartime bunkers buried on the beach when the tide is out. I liked the light around this one.

I took loads of photos, but these few were my favourites!

Sorry if you are waiting for the free machine embroidery files for October, they are on their way but will be a bit late as we have been busy on other projects. This month we will have a pumpkin (for obvious reasons!) and the cute children’s tractor will also be free for a while.

The photography site has a brand new look so don’t forget to check it out!