January 2012

On Friday I wrote on Twitter that it was a good job it was cold as although I had a lot of file uploading to do I would have been on the beach. Well I did actually end up there. It got to about half past three and I decided I needed some fresh air. I took myself across the road with my camera and spent a lovely hour just beachcombing. I took this photo, which I like as the light was really good, with the sun just going down, and I also liked the angle of the waves coming onto the beach.
I did finish uploading my files and I am now pleased to say that the first designs in our new idea, the ‘Crazy’ collection, are now available to buy on the website. These are based on a simple cartoon style and we plan to build them into  collections including buildings, people, and anything else we feel will fit the shape. We hope you like our new idea. The name was easy with both our websites having the ‘Crazy’ tag!
This is our  crazy cow, the first design that we came up with. We hope you like the idea.

We are just finishing preparation of our new ‘Crazy’ machine embroidery designs. These are from a concept thought up by my clever husband and they will build up into a large collection of designs based on a similar style. We think we have hit on a simple but effective idea and hope you will like it. The first few of these will be added to the website in the next few days, so check back soon to see what we mean!

My lovely other half has been working hard on my website and has now done a major redesign to make it easier to navigate what is in the shop. All the products are now seen as a grid rather than having to scroll through a long list, which should be much better. I have meanwhile been working on a set of new machine embroidery designs based on an idea he came up with. Some of these will be available very soon. His own website  www.photocrazy.co.uk  has also had a major redesign!

My back problem is slowly improving so I can sit for much longer and I have been sewing more trousers for my grandson as he was delighted with the first pair. I made some with Bob The Builder fabric in the sides as he loves playing with his toy tools. My daughter likes them as they have elastic waists and are great as he is at the toilet training stage!

We were delighted this week to hear that our granddaughter has finally got a place in her village primary school and will no longer have to travel to school by taxi every day. The school has an excellent record of results and we know she will be much happier in a small school rather than the huge one she has been in since September.

It has been wet this week so I have not been over to the beach very much. But I have noticed it has got much sandier since last year!

This is the beach 250 yards from our house.

I have had sewing withdrawal symptoms after not being able to sit at my machines due to my fall and back problems! Finally however I am on the mend and this weekend I was able to sew again. I bought a copy of Sewing For Boys and yesterday spent the day making the ‘Treasure Pocket pants’ for my 2 year old grandson. They turned out really well and were posted off to him this morning. I do hope they fit!! I have also been able to test stitch the new machine embroidery designs for the website and these are now available online. They include this rocking horse which would look cute on any child’s clothing or bedding.This morning I walked in to the town along the seafront. I am amazed at how sandy our beach now is after the recent storms in the United Kingdom. Lots of the sand had washed away last year but suddenly it is all back and more. What was a very large drop from the promenade onto the sand is now a single  step and many of the steps leading down onto the beach have been completely buried!!

I stopped to take photos of my favourite Winter visitors, the Turnstones and the little Sanderlings. Its hard to believe these little birds fly all the way to Canada in the summer as they are so small.

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Happy New Year to all readers. 2011 was a year of mixed fortunes for our family, with some very good events and for one family member a very bad end to the year. For myself I have managed to be in considerable discomfort by having what seems to be a slipped disc in my back and then compounding this by falling down the stairs from top to bottom while staying with my daughter on Christmas Day!! Luckily there was no serious damage done but I have some very large bruises which are taking some time to heal and it definitely didn’t do my back any good. I am waiting for a physiotherapy appointment to come through. Meanwhile sewing is difficult as I can’t sit down for very long or do any bending, stretching etc! So I do hope you have had a better start to 2012 than I have and that it proves to be a happy and successful year for you. At the moment I will settle for a return to normal physical health!!

I am slowly working on new designs for the website. My machine is stitching out a Valentine’s design as I write. One of these will be a free design for January so it can be used to make a gift for a loved one. I also have an Irish poem which I framed for a friend for Christmas, as he was so thrilled with it I decided to put it on the website. It would make a lovely St. Patricks Day present for an Irish friend or family member.