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Happy New Year to all readers. 2011 was a year of mixed fortunes for our family, with some very good events and for one family member a very bad end to the year. For myself I have managed to be in considerable discomfort by having what seems to be a slipped disc in my back and then compounding this by falling down the stairs from top to bottom while staying with my daughter on Christmas Day!! Luckily there was no serious damage done but I have some very large bruises which are taking some time to heal and it definitely didn’t do my back any good. I am waiting for a physiotherapy appointment to come through. Meanwhile sewing is difficult as I can’t sit down for very long or do any bending, stretching etc! So I do hope you have had a better start to 2012 than I have and that it proves to be a happy and successful year for you. At the moment I will settle for a return to normal physical health!!

I am slowly working on new designs for the website. My machine is stitching out a Valentine’s design as I write. One of these will be a free design for January so it can be used to make a gift for a loved one. I also have an Irish poem which I framed for a friend for Christmas, as he was so thrilled with it I decided to put it on the website. It would make a lovely St. Patricks Day present for an Irish friend or family member.