My lovely other half has been working hard on my website and has now done a major redesign to make it easier to navigate what is in the shop. All the products are now seen as a grid rather than having to scroll through a long list, which should be much better. I have meanwhile been working on a set of new machine embroidery designs based on an idea he came up with. Some of these will be available very soon. His own website  has also had a major redesign!

My back problem is slowly improving so I can sit for much longer and I have been sewing more trousers for my grandson as he was delighted with the first pair. I made some with Bob The Builder fabric in the sides as he loves playing with his toy tools. My daughter likes them as they have elastic waists and are great as he is at the toilet training stage!

We were delighted this week to hear that our granddaughter has finally got a place in her village primary school and will no longer have to travel to school by taxi every day. The school has an excellent record of results and we know she will be much happier in a small school rather than the huge one she has been in since September.

It has been wet this week so I have not been over to the beach very much. But I have noticed it has got much sandier since last year!

This is the beach 250 yards from our house.