On Friday I wrote on Twitter that it was a good job it was cold as although I had a lot of file uploading to do I would have been on the beach. Well I did actually end up there. It got to about half past three and I decided I needed some fresh air. I took myself across the road with my camera and spent a lovely hour just beachcombing. I took this photo, which I like as the light was really good, with the sun just going down, and I also liked the angle of the waves coming onto the beach.
I did finish uploading my files and I am now pleased to say that the first designs in our new idea, the ‘Crazy’ collection, are now available to buy on the website. These are based on a simple cartoon style and we plan to build them into  collections including buildings, people, and anything else we feel will fit the shape. We hope you like our new idea. The name was easy with both our websites having the ‘Crazy’ tag!
This is our  crazy cow, the first design that we came up with. We hope you like the idea.