February 2012

Spring is definitely on the way here. We are expected to hit 16 degrees in East Anglia today, exceptional for mid February in the UK. I really need to get out and tidy our garden this afternoon. There are lots of spring bulbs flowering, which is lovely, they will look much better after I have pruned away all the winter dead stuff!

To have a break from sewing I went for a walk out on our Backwaters yesterday. I took lots of photos, I am putting my favourites on here.

Firstly we have a lonely boat, which I took as I liked the light around it. I startled some ducks on the creek behind me and caught them flying off.

I really like this photo of upturned rowing boats, not sure why, maybe because they look abandoned!The tide was out and walking along the riverbank I saw lots of seabirds. There was a large flock of barnacle geese but they were too far away to get a decent photo as I hadn’t got my telephoto lens. I did get close enough to these smaller birds which were digging all along the shore. They are called black tailed godwits! Quite an impressive name I thought. They use their long beaks to dig for food.

Further along towards the town I come to Walton Mere. This is an area of salt marshes which gets completely covered in water when the tide is in. Many years ago it was used as a boating lake. It is a haven for wildlife, especially seabirds. Okay its not very pretty, but the reason I have included it is because the family who own it want to drain the land and put a supermarket, old people’s home and town houses on it!!! I think it is a terrible idea to destroy a large wildlife habitat.

If you like birds we have several bird machine embroidery designs on our website. I have the seagull on a fleece jacket, it looks great.


We have been very busy creating lots of new machine embroidery designs for the website and these are now available. There is a range of things including some more ‘crazy’ animals, some sports designs and a couple of decorative designs. I love this gorgeous wolf . He would look great stitched on a jacket. This sporty design is ideal on a gift for any sport mad person. Check out the website for what else is new.

We have had a very stressful few days due to our lovely cat Cajun being seriously ill. It all started with him needing a dental extraction on Monday, for which cats have to be anaesthetised. That went fine. On Tuesday morning at home he seemed much brighter and was eating a bit. We had no inkling of the drama to come!

Mid afternoon we suddenly noticed he was struggling to breathe. Very quickly it became apparent that he was seriously ill so we rushed him to our vets – a 20 minute drive away. By the time we got there he was so distressed they had to put him in an oxygen tent. Our lovely vet then stayed 2 hours past her working time fighting to get him stabilised as he had pneumonia. Mid evening we had a call to say he needed to be transferred to the veterinary hospital for overnight care and could we take him. We were warned he could die on the way! That was a very stressful journey but we made it safely. After a night there he was somewhat better by morning, thankfully, so we took him back to our vet for day care.

Yesterday evening as he was much better and stable we were allowed to bring him home. They don’t know why he suddenly got so ill, he had been peacefully sleeping on our bed most of the day. He is an elderly cat so it could be due to the anaesthetic. An x-ray would possibly help find a cause but we don’t want to put him under again!! He is on antibiotics and diuretics which will hopefully get him back to health.

He is such a part of our family it was awful to think we were losing him so suddenly. He is very happy to be home again. We are a lot poorer but he is worth every penny.

After that sad story here is a photo of what we can see from our bedroom window at the moment – very calming.

Well the promised snow has arrived in North Essex in bucket loads overnight. So I walked over to the beach with my camera this morning and took some photos of our snowy beach.
Yes, all that white is the sand covered in a blanket of snow! The beach huts didn’t look quite right –

Wintry beach huts

I spotted this poor little Sanderling trying to find food in the tiny bit of sand left not covered in snow. Walton seafront looks like this.

Walton-On-The-Naze in the snow

Looks a bit chilly? Yes it’s freezing! It was quite windy so the snow has piled up in drifts making it hard to walk along. Good job I wore my lovely fur-lined snow boots.

Don’t forget those of you who are machine embroiderers to download February’s free machine embroidery designs from our website. http://www.embroiderycrazy.co.uk/shop/specials/ There is a very topical penguin. It would look great on a child’s jacket, hat or scarf. We also have a pretty lacy dragonfly design. The first of our new ‘Crazy’ designs are also available to buy. We will be adding to these so they will form collections when we have enough. Coming shortly in new designs is a fox, a tattoo rose, and some more sporty designs.

If you are in snowy UK, or indeed any other snowy country,  stay warm and safe!