Spring is definitely on the way here. We are expected to hit 16 degrees in East Anglia today, exceptional for mid February in the UK. I really need to get out and tidy our garden this afternoon. There are lots of spring bulbs flowering, which is lovely, they will look much better after I have pruned away all the winter dead stuff!

To have a break from sewing I went for a walk out on our Backwaters yesterday. I took lots of photos, I am putting my favourites on here.

Firstly we have a lonely boat, which I took as I liked the light around it. I startled some ducks on the creek behind me and caught them flying off.

I really like this photo of upturned rowing boats, not sure why, maybe because they look abandoned!The tide was out and walking along the riverbank I saw lots of seabirds. There was a large flock of barnacle geese but they were too far away to get a decent photo as I hadn’t got my telephoto lens. I did get close enough to these smaller birds which were digging all along the shore. They are called black tailed godwits! Quite an impressive name I thought. They use their long beaks to dig for food.

Further along towards the town I come to Walton Mere. This is an area of salt marshes which gets completely covered in water when the tide is in. Many years ago it was used as a boating lake. It is a haven for wildlife, especially seabirds. Okay its not very pretty, but the reason I have included it is because the family who own it want to drain the land and put a supermarket, old people’s home and town houses on it!!! I think it is a terrible idea to destroy a large wildlife habitat.

If you like birds we have several bird machine embroidery designs on our website. I have the seagull on a fleece jacket, it looks great.