It’s May already so I have been busy with the website. We have a new collection of football inspired designs. They include a Union Jack, though could be stitched without.We also have this pretty birdcage design. It would look lovely on a cushion or any home decor item. There is a cute snail design too. Our free designs this month are a football and an apple tree. I am now busy working on some larger designs with a sunset background. I also plan to add more items with a seaside theme as nautical seems popular at the moment!

We had a lovely weekend with our eldest daughter and grandchildren. While feeding the ducks with them I took a photo of a duck on the riverbank, which was actually someone’s back garden. She had 13 ducklings! They were a long way off but the photo came out quite well.

The river is just below the slope. I was very envious of the garden as they had a very pretty bridge over the river across to an orchard!

Isn’t that beautiful? What a lovely place to live!

We have had so much rain here there are lots of flood warnings on our local radio and the 2 main roads to our little town are closed because they are impassible! I had to drive through a very deep stretch of flooded road the other day to go to the supermarket. It was not a nice experience so I am now staying put for a few days and hoping it improves.