This is something that makes me very angry as I know how hard crafters work.


There has been much discussion on various forums recently about submitting articles to craft magazines.  It appears that those magazines within the All Craft Media umbrella are falling short on their promises to the originators of articles.  It saddens me greatly when I hear of hard working honest individuals are treated so badly by ‘the big boys’ of the industry.  I wonder if they realise the implications of their action to not pay, let alone not return items made for the magazines.  Hours of hard work designing, sourcing fabrics, creating, photographing and documenting the design disappear, never to be seen again.

When I first heard about the ‘discussions’ on the ravelry forums I thought that it would be one person with a vendetta against one of the magazines.  It’s very easy to express negative experiences when you don’t have to look someone in the eye so I read with caution…

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