Yesterday morning when I was watering my garden I was surprised by a small frog jumping out from under the plant I was watering. We used to live in a house with a large garden and a wildlife pond, so frogs were ten- a- penny, but our current home has a small garden with no room for a pond.

It is also a very secure garden with high fences all round, and no gaps anywhere. So I was very surprised to find we had acquired a frog. We live next door to a care home with a large garden, so my guess is the frog came as a very small froglet through one of the tiny gaps in the fencing and has been living unknown in our garden since then.

Seeing the frog immediately took me back to my teaching days when ‘growth’ was a very popular classroom topic with my little ones and I taught them the life-cycle of a frog, bringing in tadpoles and watching them grow, before taking them back to the same pond to release the froglets.

So here is my photo of our frog, a worthy contributor to the ‘growth’ photo challenge. frogAs I feel it’s likely to be a long term resident in our secure garden our little frog needs a name. Suggestions welcome!