Embroiderycrazy is the blog for a small online business selling downloadable designs for embroidery machines.


Having taken early retirement from teaching I am an avid sewer and run the embroidery side of the business. I am supported by my other half, who is a very experienced graphic and web designer and created my beautiful website. I also love photography so try to make my posts more interesting by including photographs I take and telling people what we have been up to.

My husband has a design and photographic enhancement website http://www.photocrazy.co.uk/ and can also do copywriting and presentations, as he has many years of advertising industry experience. He’s a clever chap!!

We live in a small seaside town on the North Essex coast, 200 yards from a beautiful sandy beach. Our house is on the edge of a national nature reserve called The Naze and also overlooks Hamford Water,

Hamford Water

which is a very popular sailing venue with a marina. I love living in such a nature rich environment and its perfect for a keen amateur photographer!

We share our home with two elderly rescue cats, a beautiful grey abyssinian and a black and white moggy.

Our old boys

They started life very badly, destined to become lab cats and kept for their first two years in a sterile cage, never going outside or having loving contact with humans. The good news is they got rescued by the RSPCA and rehomed with us. When we first got them one was totally wild and everything in a house was completely alien to them. 11 years on they are old boys who love cuddles and sleeping!! Cyrus, the black and white one, also spends lots of time sitting by the back patio door swearing at the birds who come in our garden, especially the seagulls! He used to be a very good hunter but thankfully now just looks.


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