We have had some lovely weather in East Anglia this week and it is starting to feel like Spring is well on the way. Many of the spring flowers are appearing early so I have posted the lovely spring picture above to wish everyone Happy Springtime. We have just made the free machine embroidery designs for March available for dowmload on the website. There is a pretty bluebell design and this cherries design  which would brighten up any kitchen or other home items. There are also four more new designs. This Easter one  is perfect for making a card. I also like this Spring design which would also make a pretty card or look really good on home decor items.

A new addition to our ‘crazy’ range is this very cute turtle.  He would be a hit with any child.

There is also a lizard which would look good on clothing. It is a single colour so quick to stitch.

This week I have been learning how to do free motion quilting on the old Bernina I got as a bargain at a car boot sale. It is really easy to do using the Bernina and I made a pretty tea cosy for our teapot. Today I shall be using my new skill to make a present for my youngest daughter who has a birthday very soon. I’m looking forward to our family get together next weekend.


We are just finishing preparation of our new ‘Crazy’ machine embroidery designs. These are from a concept thought up by my clever husband and they will build up into a large collection of designs based on a similar style. We think we have hit on a simple but effective idea and hope you will like it. The first few of these will be added to the website in the next few days, so check back soon to see what we mean!

I have had a busy week creating some Autumn designs. The rest of the new Christmas designs are now online, including this cute snowman. He would be a hit on any child’s clothing, hat, or scarf. The autumn designs are being test stitched and will be appearing on the website soon.

It has been  mostly sunny  on the North Essex coast this week. I have been enjoying the sunshine with walks on the Naze, which is covered in blackberry bushes laden at the moment with ripe berries. I have made lots of jars of blackberry jam and have also made blackberry gin for Christmas. This involves putting the berries and a good helping of sugar into a largish kilner jar (about half full) then topping with alcohol. As we got given a bottle of gin I used that but you can use vodka also. You then put it in a dark cupboard for 3 months. You need to shake the jar every few days for the first month, then just leave it. It turns into a delicious liqeur like drink just in time for the festive season!! I’ve also made blackberry crumbles and blackberry charlotte. There are still loads of berries to pick so I dare say I shall be making a few more delights!

Our new free special offers for August are now available on the website. These are a very cute robot which children would love stitched on their clothing, bedding or a bag. There is also this pretty little butterfly for more feminine items.

It is very warm here today and our beach looks like the mediterranean it is so packed. The sea did look very inviting! We had a walk out along the Walton Backwaters where it was quiet and peaceful and there was a bit of a breeze blowing. It was deserted! I think half the people who come to the beach here don’t know it exists, which is a real shame because it’s such a beautiful wildlife area.

Our poorly cat, Cajun, is much better now he is on regular medication and has had his teeth sorted! He is back to his old inquisitive self. He also tries every way to avoid his medicine and we have to keep thinking of new foods to hide it in!!

I have finally managed to get my animal alphabet collection of all 26 designs online ready to sell.

These would look great embroidered onto sections of a patchwork quilt. They would also make a terrific child’s alphabet book. Purchased individually the designs would cost over £50,  but as a collection we are selling them for the bargain price of only £19.99. So if you own or know someone who owns an embroidery machine then this is a great buy.

Now I had a great time wandering round our Classic Car show on Sunday and as it was a gorgeous day I did take lots of lovely photos so here are a couple of my favourites.

I love the blue flames on the front of this one, but my absolute favourite was this beautiful  gold Panther Corolla below.

Isn’t it stunning? And finally one more –

This lovely old 1940’s Austin. A real British vintage car. There were lots of great American classics, especially Chevrolets, and a whole row of TVR’s in a rainbow of colours, to which my Daughter’s response was “Keys??”

Where is this year going? I can’t believe it’s July already! Three more weeks and the schools break up. Our sleepy town will be busy again for a few weeks.

Our new free machine embroidery designs for July are now available on our website .

There is a pretty spray of flowers and this 

home decor design. They are available for instant download in a range of formats so if you know anyone with an embroidery machine send them our way.

We have a classic car show in our town on Sunday which is always well attended so I shall be there with my camera to hopefully get some decent photographs. Watch this space!

I am just test stitching the final design in my animal alphabet! It has been a labour of love deciding on which animals to use and then making child friendly embroidery pictures of them. I mostly use Janome software, which I really like. I think the designs would look great on a patchwork quilt. Uploading them all will take a while but they should be in the shop soon.

We had a fantastic evening out on Friday at Newmarket races, followed by a Texas concert there. Charlene Spiteri has a great voice singing live and despite pouring with rain I really enjoyed it.

It has been thundering here this morning. I managed to dash out and mow the lawn moments before the downpour came!! It is a little cooler now so hopefully will be able to sleep tonight.

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