This will be a very busy few weeks as our first large craft fair is being held in 3 weeks time! There seems so much to do still. It is a 2 day fair so we need to have plenty to sell, just in case! My poor embroidery machine has been busy every day and I feel like I work in a sewing workshop. I’ve made lots of these little Christmas stockings which will hang on a tree.

Meanwhile I haven’t much time to spend blogging or creating new designs for my website. I have updated the website for November though and there are 5 new designs. I like this peace dove, it would make a lovely card.This  Chrysanthemum design is a pretty autumnal flower, which would look good on clothing.

This Christmas candle is pretty with the flame stitched in metallic gold.

Our free machine embroidery downloads are a robin and a purple snowflake.

I can’t post without adding some photos so here are a few recent ones I’ve taken. On a recent walk into town this couple of seagulls on the sea wall were brave enough to let me take this photo.

Our winter visitors, the little Turnstones are much in evidence around the beaches and on the sea walls as we walk. I snapped these ones walking to the pier to go bowling.

As the weather worsens the boats on the Backwaters are disappearing. But I did use the zoom on my new camera to spot this little pirate ship out of my bedroom window!

I wouldn’t have seen the Jolly Roger without a zoom lens. As you can see we get lots of little yachts too on the Walton Backwaters on sunny weekends. I hope they made it safely past the Pirates!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day on the North Essex coast. We live in a small coastal town called Walton-On-The-Naze. My husband and I decided to go for a walk out on the Naze to Hamford Water. This is an area designated as a National Nature Reserve consisting of tidal creeks, mudflats, salt marshes and beach. It takes us about twenty minutes to walk out to the beach there. We wanted to beachcomb for some driftwood to use in a future project. We found lots of it, many pieces too big to carry home, which is a shame as they would look great in the garden! Anyway we soon noticed the local seal colony were very active in the water. It was clearly a good day for fishing as the local fishing boat was going up and down and there were also a couple of men fishing off the beach. The seals were clearly fishing too as they kept appearing popping up and then going under again. Unfortunately they are too far out to get a decent photo and they don’t stay up long. This was the best I could manage. The cranes in the background are the port of Felixstowe. (The photo is zoomed right in.) Once we had enough wood we went for a long walk out along the shore to the marshy part where the seabirds nest. We saw lots of oystercatchers and I managed to get quite close to take this photo. I love their very long beaks! Once we had taken some photos we walked all the way back home round the beach as the tide was out. We had been out for 3 hours!! It is a great place to live and I feel very lucky to live minutes away from such brilliant sights.
It was another lovely sunset the other night and I took these photos from the bedroom window. The first one was at dusk ,when the river had a lovely red glow over it. Then I took another one once the sun had set. Now you can see why I love it here. Its so beautiful and I can look out at the changes on the Hamford Backwaters from my bedroom window. Every morning I open the curtains and spend several minutes just looking at what is happening out there.
As well as enjoying the local nature I have been creating new designs for the website and they will be going on soon. There are some larger designs and some seaside things plus a very cute Westie for dog lovers and a children’s cat design – quite a varied mixture to come.

We have been very busy creating lots of new machine embroidery designs for the website and these are now available. There is a range of things including some more ‘crazy’ animals, some sports designs and a couple of decorative designs. I love this gorgeous wolf . He would look great stitched on a jacket. This sporty design is ideal on a gift for any sport mad person. Check out the website for what else is new.

We have had a very stressful few days due to our lovely cat Cajun being seriously ill. It all started with him needing a dental extraction on Monday, for which cats have to be anaesthetised. That went fine. On Tuesday morning at home he seemed much brighter and was eating a bit. We had no inkling of the drama to come!

Mid afternoon we suddenly noticed he was struggling to breathe. Very quickly it became apparent that he was seriously ill so we rushed him to our vets – a 20 minute drive away. By the time we got there he was so distressed they had to put him in an oxygen tent. Our lovely vet then stayed 2 hours past her working time fighting to get him stabilised as he had pneumonia. Mid evening we had a call to say he needed to be transferred to the veterinary hospital for overnight care and could we take him. We were warned he could die on the way! That was a very stressful journey but we made it safely. After a night there he was somewhat better by morning, thankfully, so we took him back to our vet for day care.

Yesterday evening as he was much better and stable we were allowed to bring him home. They don’t know why he suddenly got so ill, he had been peacefully sleeping on our bed most of the day. He is an elderly cat so it could be due to the anaesthetic. An x-ray would possibly help find a cause but we don’t want to put him under again!! He is on antibiotics and diuretics which will hopefully get him back to health.

He is such a part of our family it was awful to think we were losing him so suddenly. He is very happy to be home again. We are a lot poorer but he is worth every penny.

After that sad story here is a photo of what we can see from our bedroom window at the moment – very calming.

Our new free special offers for August are now available on the website. These are a very cute robot which children would love stitched on their clothing, bedding or a bag. There is also this pretty little butterfly for more feminine items.

It is very warm here today and our beach looks like the mediterranean it is so packed. The sea did look very inviting! We had a walk out along the Walton Backwaters where it was quiet and peaceful and there was a bit of a breeze blowing. It was deserted! I think half the people who come to the beach here don’t know it exists, which is a real shame because it’s such a beautiful wildlife area.

Our poorly cat, Cajun, is much better now he is on regular medication and has had his teeth sorted! He is back to his old inquisitive self. He also tries every way to avoid his medicine and we have to keep thinking of new foods to hide it in!!

We have still  had no rain on the North Essex coast. Our lawn looks like a desert!! There are lots of black clouds massing as I type so I am hoping they will materialise into a downpour!

I walked out around our Backwaters yesterday, which is a national nature reserve. I took this photo of some very cute goslings swimming with Mum.

We now have four new designs in the shop. They include this great pirate ship which would be perfect for any young pirate in your life!

It’s another beautiful sunny day here on the Essex coast. Yesterday I struggled to complete any designs as I’d rather be out in the sun, LOL. This was our misty sunset last night – lovely to look at from our bedroom window. We do have a fantastic view over the river and salt marshes. 

So I went to the garden centre instead!

This morning I’ve finished a daffodil and a stegosaurus so I feel like I’ve done some work today!