Spring time is all about my favourite colour, green. I love watching the new green leaves start to appear on trees and bushes. Maybe it’s to do with my roots, (I was born in the ‘green’ island of Ireland), I just love green. Now spring is on the way I feel more energised. The new machine embroidery designs on my website this month are mostly linked to the spring and nature thoughts I have as I watch winter brown trees turning green. ‘Spring is in the air’ is this pretty bird design. SpringIsInTheAir   There is a bouquet of flowers that would brighten up any home items or look pretty on clothing.BouquetGirls will love this silver winged fairy sitting on a mushroom. I shall be using it on something pretty for my granddaughter.

MushroomFairyI haven’t forgotten the boys either as there is also a new plane added to the transport designs.

Our free designs to download for March are a little daffodil and a colourful kite.

I have been trying out a new sewing skill and made a Victorian style rag doll this week. She is made from felt and I am quite pleased with how she has turned out. Emily2She has a lace trimmed petticoat and bloomers under her flowery dress. I will also make her some boots, and a wool coat and matching bonnet.

I’ve enjoyed making something different from my normal sewing. I thought the hardest part was getting the stuffing right, not floppy or lumpy!

Finally having started my post with the onset of spring, here are some spring photos taken in my garden this morning, which cheer me up. First some lovely bright yellow crocus, one of our first spring flowers here in England.


Next my favourite spring flower, the beautiful primrose.


Finally some of those new green leaves I mentioned that make me feel renewed by their colour.

new green leaves


I have finally updated my machine embroidery design shop after several weeks. Due to family problems I have not been at home very much. My poor eldest daughter slipped a disc in her back a few weeks ago. She has 3 small children, the youngest is only 16 months old. As her partner has an important medical science job he had to still go to work and she desperately needed help. She lives 75 miles away so I have been staying with her to help with the children and do the three times daily, two mile walk to take my older two grandchildren to school/ pre-school and back. Now she is beginning to mend and not in so much pain I am back at home.

While there I took her a no longer used Brother Innovis sewing machine I had. She has never used a sewing machine before so I gave her a few lessons and now she is off on a new addiction! She has discovered a new creative streak and in a couple of weeks has become sewing obsessed.

I am amazed at what she is now making without help. It has helped take her mind off her back problem too!

I have now added a new set of embroidery designs to my shop which I created especially with  bedroom decor in mind. They would look great on cushions to decorate a bed. There is this pretty cuddling lovebirds design, SnuggleUpa baby bird sleeping, PeaceAtLasta cute sleepy owl, Relax

and this decorative moons and stars design. FeelingSleepyThey are available as a set. As it’s February my free machine embroidery downloads this month are both romantic designs. This Love Hearts design is a new one. LoveHeartsOur weather in England has been very cold and we have had a fair amount of snow for the Eastern part of England. It looks like there is more to come this week. While I was staying with my daughter I took some photos around her pretty village. I love this little cottage by the river. It looked really cosy in the snow.snowy cottage

Opposite the school is a lovely old church. I liked how the churchyard looked covered with snow. snowy churchyard

There is an old antiques shop on the main road. Sadly no longer in business but the building is beautiful. Phoenix antiques

My little grandson enjoyed his first snowy experiences. This photo made me laugh! Mum I can't seeBless him! His new coat is a little on the big side! This is him – he has big blue eyes and long blonde curls.Ben in snowI think he’s gorgeous, but I’m biased of course!!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day on the North Essex coast. We live in a small coastal town called Walton-On-The-Naze. My husband and I decided to go for a walk out on the Naze to Hamford Water. This is an area designated as a National Nature Reserve consisting of tidal creeks, mudflats, salt marshes and beach. It takes us about twenty minutes to walk out to the beach there. We wanted to beachcomb for some driftwood to use in a future project. We found lots of it, many pieces too big to carry home, which is a shame as they would look great in the garden! Anyway we soon noticed the local seal colony were very active in the water. It was clearly a good day for fishing as the local fishing boat was going up and down and there were also a couple of men fishing off the beach. The seals were clearly fishing too as they kept appearing popping up and then going under again. Unfortunately they are too far out to get a decent photo and they don’t stay up long. This was the best I could manage. The cranes in the background are the port of Felixstowe. (The photo is zoomed right in.) Once we had enough wood we went for a long walk out along the shore to the marshy part where the seabirds nest. We saw lots of oystercatchers and I managed to get quite close to take this photo. I love their very long beaks! Once we had taken some photos we walked all the way back home round the beach as the tide was out. We had been out for 3 hours!! It is a great place to live and I feel very lucky to live minutes away from such brilliant sights.
It was another lovely sunset the other night and I took these photos from the bedroom window. The first one was at dusk ,when the river had a lovely red glow over it. Then I took another one once the sun had set. Now you can see why I love it here. Its so beautiful and I can look out at the changes on the Hamford Backwaters from my bedroom window. Every morning I open the curtains and spend several minutes just looking at what is happening out there.
As well as enjoying the local nature I have been creating new designs for the website and they will be going on soon. There are some larger designs and some seaside things plus a very cute Westie for dog lovers and a children’s cat design – quite a varied mixture to come.

Today I have been busy on the website. Our new free machine embroidery designs for November are now available. These are a very pretty frosty snowflake design (pictured on a tie-dye background)and a design for any ‘Little Star’, which would look great on  children’s clothing. I have also completed the dragonfly designs  and put them for sale along with a cute polar bear design.

I was walking back from town the other afternoon and came across these seagulls just sitting on the pavement.

They just made me laugh the way they were all sat there in a group as if they were waiting for something important!

Our lovely cat Cajun, pictured below, thought all his Christmases had come at once when he spotted this big  pheasant on our lawn!!

Pheasant in the garden

Of course it flew up onto the fence as soon as he went out the catflap. He was most disappointed, hah!

I have put lots more new designs on the embroidery crazy website. http://www.embroiderycrazy.co.uk/shop/ Our free designs for October are a pumpkin and a children’s tractor design. There are lots of autumn leaves, including this design which I have stitched on a bag and it looks great. I have also added a little Japanese doll and any child will love this dinosaur.

Isn’t he cute?

Last weekend I went to Wivenhoe to have lunch with some friends.  I’d never been there before. Its on the river and it was a lovely, very warm day to have lunch in a pub on the waterfront. I took lots of photos of the boats and quaint buildings but I rather liked this one with new townhouses reflected in a large pool built in the square front of them.

You can see from the photo what a beautiful day it was. One of my friends has a cottage by the river there and the view from her lounge makes me very jealous! She can sit and watch the boats a stone’s throw away. She sees lots of waterbirds including curlews and kingfishers. Her grandmother paid £60 for the cottage!!! I’m so jealous.

We finally had the much needed rain here. Our garden is much happier this evening.

I had an amazing experience this morning on my early morning walk when I came across a large flock of swallows doing aerobatics round and round a clump of trees. They were not bothered by my presence and swooped low around me. I stood for ages just enjoying the show!

We added several new embroidery designs to the website today. One of them is this windsurfing design which would look great on clothing.

There is also a very cute monster and a great sixties style ‘beautiful’ logo to sew on anything for a loved one. Why not check them out in our shop now. http://www.embroiderycrazy.co.uk/shop/

We have still  had no rain on the North Essex coast. Our lawn looks like a desert!! There are lots of black clouds massing as I type so I am hoping they will materialise into a downpour!

I walked out around our Backwaters yesterday, which is a national nature reserve. I took this photo of some very cute goslings swimming with Mum.

We now have four new designs in the shop. They include this great pirate ship which would be perfect for any young pirate in your life!