I haven’t posted for a few days as I have been trying to finish my sparrowhawk design. It took me three days to get it looking and sewing how I wanted!  I have also got a few other designs ready. They are being prepared to go online tomorrow. We have our first cross stitch design – a rose. There is a cute little seahorse and a cello for music fans. This lovely bird pair would be ideal for a wedding or engagement.

We had a lovely weekend visiting St Albans. I went to my favourite fabric warehouse and got a couple of bags of lovely fabric remnants for bag making. I think I have enough to make a bag every week for the next year!!


It’s a beautiful sunny day here on the Essex coast. The new products I posted about yesterday are being added to the website as I type this! There is a lovely celebration design to come very soon, perfect for wedding or engagement items.

Do you use forums? I have added a link to my favourite one, the UK based ‘The Sewing Forum’. It is a brilliant place for any stitch crafty person. They have sections covering every type of stitchcraft and are a very friendly and helpful group. Of course they cover machine embroidery too!