We are just finishing preparation of our new ‘Crazy’ machine embroidery designs. These are from a concept thought up by my clever husband and they will build up into a large collection of designs based on a similar style. We think we have hit on a simple but effective idea and hope you will like it. The first few of these will be added to the website in the next few days, so check back soon to see what we mean!


I haven’t posted for a while as I have been very busy on a large project. I have been designing an animal alphabet made up of individual designs from A to Z. So far I have got to the letter U in designs and have test stitched A to M.

I hope to get them all finished by the end of next week. They will then be available on the website as a collection, which would be ideal for a patchwork quilt or a fabric alphabet book. The designs will also be sold individually.

We are finally getting lots of rain on the North Essex coast. Our garden is looking much happier and I don’t have to spend hours watering it!

I went 10 pin bowling for the first time ever this morning. I was really bad at it! But it was great fun and I will go again soon as I enjoyed it a lot. I can only improve as I came last in every game!!

Meanwhile here’s a photo of one of our beautiful sunsets.

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