Did you know that African elephants are extremely dangerous? Unlike their Asian cousins, which are the elephants we see in zoos, they will attack people. We discovered this on safari in Kenya when we suddenly had to pack up our lunch very quietly and get into our jeep as fast as possible as there were elephants just the other side of the bushes we were picnicing by! That was a very scary experience! But I still love elephants and one of our latest embroidery designs is an African elephant. We also have a pirate ship coming up, ideal for adorning makes for the little pirates in your life. We hope to have a Facebook page very soon too, so will be looking for followers!

Isn’t the weather fabulous for Spring? Mind you our gardens on the East coast of England could certainly do with some rain. Our lawn is looking very sad. But on the bright side all the flowers are blooming. Well as long as I keep watering them!!