We’ve had some beautiful spring weather here yesterday and today. Daffodils are in bloom and the birds are starting to be very active. Which reminds me we need to get our bird boxes up. We have a lovely friend who is very good at carpentry and he has made us three bird boxes for our garden. One is for very small birds and will go on the back of our house. One is going high on the garden shed and the other probably on a high fence post. As our garden is to a new build we don’t have any large  trees to put them on. I think we need to get them up soon!

Thinking about birds inspired me to start some bird designs and today I have been working on a complicated sparrowhawk design. I found some lovely bird pictures to use as reference. There is a barn owl, a kingfisher, a swallow and another blue bird I need to find the name of. It would be nice to do all of them, but I may get bored with birds, so not all at once! I love my seagull design, which I have embroidered on the fleece I wear for my morning beach walks.