I have finally updated my machine embroidery design shop after several weeks. Due to family problems I have not been at home very much. My poor eldest daughter slipped a disc in her back a few weeks ago. She has 3 small children, the youngest is only 16 months old. As her partner has an important medical science job he had to still go to work and she desperately needed help. She lives 75 miles away so I have been staying with her to help with the children and do the three times daily, two mile walk to take my older two grandchildren to school/ pre-school and back. Now she is beginning to mend and not in so much pain I am back at home.

While there I took her a no longer used Brother Innovis sewing machine I had. She has never used a sewing machine before so I gave her a few lessons and now she is off on a new addiction! She has discovered a new creative streak and in a couple of weeks has become sewing obsessed.

I am amazed at what she is now making without help. It has helped take her mind off her back problem too!

I have now added a new set of embroidery designs to my shop which I created especially with  bedroom decor in mind. They would look great on cushions to decorate a bed. There is this pretty cuddling lovebirds design, SnuggleUpa baby bird sleeping, PeaceAtLasta cute sleepy owl, Relax

and this decorative moons and stars design. FeelingSleepyThey are available as a set. As it’s February my free machine embroidery downloads this month are both romantic designs. This Love Hearts design is a new one. LoveHeartsOur weather in England has been very cold and we have had a fair amount of snow for the Eastern part of England. It looks like there is more to come this week. While I was staying with my daughter I took some photos around her pretty village. I love this little cottage by the river. It looked really cosy in the snow.snowy cottage

Opposite the school is a lovely old church. I liked how the churchyard looked covered with snow. snowy churchyard

There is an old antiques shop on the main road. Sadly no longer in business but the building is beautiful. Phoenix antiques

My little grandson enjoyed his first snowy experiences. This photo made me laugh! Mum I can't seeBless him! His new coat is a little on the big side! This is him – he has big blue eyes and long blonde curls.Ben in snowI think he’s gorgeous, but I’m biased of course!!

Well the promised snow has arrived in North Essex in bucket loads overnight. So I walked over to the beach with my camera this morning and took some photos of our snowy beach.
Yes, all that white is the sand covered in a blanket of snow! The beach huts didn’t look quite right –

Wintry beach huts

I spotted this poor little Sanderling trying to find food in the tiny bit of sand left not covered in snow. Walton seafront looks like this.

Walton-On-The-Naze in the snow

Looks a bit chilly? Yes it’s freezing! It was quite windy so the snow has piled up in drifts making it hard to walk along. Good job I wore my lovely fur-lined snow boots.

Don’t forget those of you who are machine embroiderers to download February’s free machine embroidery designs from our website. http://www.embroiderycrazy.co.uk/shop/specials/ There is a very topical penguin. It would look great on a child’s jacket, hat or scarf. We also have a pretty lacy dragonfly design. The first of our new ‘Crazy’ designs are also available to buy. We will be adding to these so they will form collections when we have enough. Coming shortly in new designs is a fox, a tattoo rose, and some more sporty designs.

If you are in snowy UK, or indeed any other snowy country,  stay warm and safe!