I have been very busy today working on the sparrowhawk design and after a few hitches trying to get the tail stitches to look right I finally finished it this afternoon. I think it will look really good, it’s a large design to fit an 8 inch hoop. I am now test stitching it to make sure it will stitch out correctly before we put it on the website. We test stitch all our designs, and if I find any problems it’s back to the software and it’s altered until we get a test sewout that looks good.

Our Abbyssinian cat is keeping me company in my sewing room this evening. Cajun is a beautiful blue grey colour and likes to be with people. We also have a black and white moggy, Cyrus, and they are inseparable as they lived in a cage for 2 years together. They were rescued lab cats. They hadn’t actually been experimented on, but they had lived in sterile laboratory cages and had never been in a home or even outside!! Cajun was completely wild when we first had him, but you’d never know it now as he positively demands attention!