Sadly this week our lovely weather has finally disappeared and it is definitely autumn. It has been fantastic to be able to enjoy the beach in warm sunshine for so long. Today is very windy and a little wet. We had a busy summer, especially with our daughter’s wedding in the very picturesque Lake District. Everything came together beautifully for her vintage and handmade style wedding in the gorgeous Cragwood Country House hotel on the side of Lake Windermere. (Highly recommended for anyone wanting a wedding venue up there!) A photo later. Now it is back to my daily sewing and beside the sea life.

The Embroidery Crazy website has been updated with six new designs this month plus two designs free to download as usual. We have three designs especially for dog lovers, a new snowman design, a cute little fox and a cupcake design for those making kitchen items.

Walkies PugLove Labrador WinterSnowman Cupcake LittleFoxI said I would post a photograph of the wedding venue, so here it is.


Cragwood House

The stunning wedding venue

The next photo is one of my beautiful daughter in her vintage style lace wedding dress, accompanied down to the outdoor pagoda for the ceremony by my two very cute grandsons. The eldest one, who is only five, was very proud to walk his mum along. Two year old Ben was not so sure and started to cry!

The beautiful bride.

The beautiful bride.



Okay so I have been really, really bad and not updated my blog for months. Life and family circumstances have got in the way some of the time.

I was quite shocked when I realised quite how long it had been since I last posted so here I am full of good intentions for 2014.

The Embroidery Crazy machine embroidery designs website has continued to be updated and we added a large collection of dance silhouettes, such as this ballerina, at the end of last year. Ballerina1

This month we have our usual 2 free downloadable designs – a cute hibernating bear SnoozingTimeand for music lovers a nice little guitar. Five more new designs have been added, including this very cute penguin in the snow.

JustChillingHe will look great on children’s clothing. I would even put him on my own t-shirt he’s so cute! We have also added a great set of ‘Family Rules’ to machine embroider and frame. I gave one of these to my daughter for a Christmas present as she has three young children to keep in order and regularly a fourth when her partner’s daughter is there too. It has a good mixture of behaviour reminders for a positive, loving family life. As an ex teacher I know anything visual is very helpful with young children. Here it is.

OurFamilyRulesI do hope everyone reading this has a happy and successful 2014. Our family have a summer wedding to look forward to when our eldest daughter remarries her lovely partner in August. I’m really looking forward to it, they have chosen a really beautiful location by Lake Windermere for their wedding venue and my sister-in-law is coming all the way from New Zealand in August so will be there too. My daughter wants a ‘handmade’ wedding so lots of sewing involved!

New additions to my website have been sadly lacking in July, but not through my lack of effort. I put my beloved embroidery machine in to a large sewing store in our nearest large town to be serviced over 3 weeks ago. It was working fine but I felt it was tempting fate to delay a service any longer. After quoting an astronomical amount to do this, they told me it would take 2-3 weeks! However I left it with them as it needed doing. I researched servicing costs when I got home and then complained to the store owner which got the cost halved! I then waited for a call to say it was done. And waited, and waited.

    After the 3 weeks had passed I telephoned the store, to be told it was ready and that they had left a message on ‘an answerphone‘ 9 days ago. Well we do have an answerphone, however there had definitely been no messages left as the phone tells us when there is, and of course it stores any messages that are left until they are physically deleted. As only myself and my lovely husband have been in the house over that time nobody else could have come along and deleted it either. Grinding my teeth in frustration we went to collect the machine.

On getting it home I eagerly set about test stitching the designs I had done ready for putting on my machine embroidery website. The store had given me a perfect test stitch sample back with the machine. Try as I might I could not get it to sew anything like properly!! I then spent a very frustrating 10 hours of making adjustments to finally get it to sew to my standards. I had just paid out more than it costs to service a car! Surely I could expect it to work? Well because I now badly needed it, and the store is an hours drive away, I persevered until it sewed perfectly again.

Needless to say I will never put a sewing machine in there again. I will be writing to them to say how disgusted I am by their work and lack of honesty. I have been testing my new designs today and they will be put on the website very soon.

We are finally getting some decent weather here, thankfully as the Olympics are in full swing. With the sunny days we are getting beautiful sunsets over our backwaters again so here are a couple of photographs I took last night. The sky  was really pretty.

This one was a little later.

Finally I liked this shot with the  branch silhouetted on the side.

I haven’t posted for a while as I have been very busy on a large project. I have been designing an animal alphabet made up of individual designs from A to Z. So far I have got to the letter U in designs and have test stitched A to M.

I hope to get them all finished by the end of next week. They will then be available on the website as a collection, which would be ideal for a patchwork quilt or a fabric alphabet book. The designs will also be sold individually.

We are finally getting lots of rain on the North Essex coast. Our garden is looking much happier and I don’t have to spend hours watering it!

I went 10 pin bowling for the first time ever this morning. I was really bad at it! But it was great fun and I will go again soon as I enjoyed it a lot. I can only improve as I came last in every game!!

Meanwhile here’s a photo of one of our beautiful sunsets.

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