A great way to shorten trousers.
I bought a new pair of cargo trousers from Next. I am not very tall so when I got them home and tried them on they were too long. As they are cargo trousers they have cord through the hems, so I couldn’t shorten them by cutting any length off. However that wasn’t a problem as I know a great, really quick way to shorten trousers or jeans which retains the original hem and is not easy to tell you have shortened them!  I decided to take some photos as I did it so I could post it as a tutorial.
First of all you need to decide how much you want to shorten your trousers by. My measurement was 1.5 inches or 4 centimetres. Next divide this measurement in half. Mine was now 0.75 inches or 2 centimetres. Next, with your trousers right side out, turn the inside of the hem to the outside, and measuring from the top of the original hemline, fold that half amount (i.e. my 0.75 inches) up onto the outside and pin, as shown by the ruler in my photo.Next thread your machine with a colour to match your trousers and sew carefully along the pinned line as close to the original hem as you can without sewing the old hem. The stitching furthest to the right is my sewn line. (Oops, my photo has a red tinge, but it’s the same trousers!) Right, now you want to turn your trousers inside out. Press the folded up part of the hem, which you have just sewn, upwards on the inside of your trouser legs. It will look like this on the inside before it’s pressed. Nearly done now. To stop the pressed up part from coming down you can slip stitch it to the seam at either side, or do what I do and stitch in the ditch of the seamline  on the outside, just through where the pressed up part is. I do this on both seams. Now all that’s needed is a final iron on the outside and your trousers are invisibly shortened. My finished trousers with shortened hem! This technique would not work on very lightweight trousers as the new pressed up hem would show through, but it works well on cotton or anything thicker. I just love this method, it works really well on jeans as it keeps all the original stitching and it’s so quick and easy. Result!

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