Today I have been busy on the website. Our new free machine embroidery designs for November are now available. These are a very pretty frosty snowflake design (pictured on a tie-dye background)and a design for any ‘Little Star’, which would look great on  children’s clothing. I have also completed the dragonfly designs  and put them for sale along with a cute polar bear design.

I was walking back from town the other afternoon and came across these seagulls just sitting on the pavement.

They just made me laugh the way they were all sat there in a group as if they were waiting for something important!

Our lovely cat Cajun, pictured below, thought all his Christmases had come at once when he spotted this big  pheasant on our lawn!!

Pheasant in the garden

Of course it flew up onto the fence as soon as he went out the catflap. He was most disappointed, hah!


Oh dear, It’s that very busy time of year when things start to snowball and I realise I haven’t been posting as regularly on my blog!

I have been very busy sewing things to sell at a W.I. christmas craft fair which I am having a stall at next month. I have also managed to do some new machine embroidery designs for the website, which should be going on very soon. There are 3 lovely dragonfly designs, inspired by the real dragonflies I saw on one of my Naze walks recently. Then I have also made a very sweet polar bear design and a pretty snowflake.

Last week I had an argument with a local store manager over the phone and needed to go out to calm down! I took my camera off to the beach and spent an hour watching the Turnstones  searching for food among the rocks where the tide had gone out. This is one of the photographs I took. They are very cute little birds that live on our beach in the winter then fly to Canada for the summer. They tend to stay in large groups so there were lots of them among the rocks. They lift the stones with their beaks, hence their name! I felt much more relaxed after spending time just watching them. Nature is  wonderful therapy!